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[Sign Language Week] Special night for the Sign Language Group — for Public Welfare

Peking University, Mar. 24, 2012: Members of the Sign Language Group of Peking University (PKU) Love Heart Society gathered tonight, holding an activity titled “For Public Welfare”.


The night began with a game, in which a student played as a blind person with his eyes covered by a strip of black cloth, and others acted as his guide to help him go through a maze. This game aimed at enabling the normal people to sympathize with the hard life of the disabled.


Secondly, one of their members gave a lesson about some new words of sign language, and got the others prepared for a long essay presentation in sign language.


The fantastic part of this activity was that they showed an English cold joke in sign language, while the most touching part was the song Touching Moment is Nearby.


The last part of the special night is an introduction of their Public Welfare Contest and some famous people in this area.



After the activity, the journalist from PKU News made an interview with the student in charge.


J (Journalist): How many times do you hold such activity per week?


C (Charger): We hold this kind of gathering once a week, on Saturday evening.



J: We know this time it has difference from the ordinary ones? So what are the features?


C: This time, we have three activities altogether. The first one is the lecture on yesterday night. The second one is this one and tomorrow night we will hold an evening party with many important people, such as the leaders of Beijing Deaf Association, some elites of the deaf in society, and also representatives from the sign language clubs of more than 10 universities. We will work together to present to you all a fantastic night.



J: You have mentioned the Public Welfare Contest just now, what kind of role do you play in it?


C: We were the organizer of it last year. And we are all looking forward to it.



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Reported by: Bai Bing

Edited by: Arthars