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2011 PKU International Cultural Festival Kicks Off

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Peking University, Oct, 23, 2011: The 2011 Peking University (PKU) International Cultural Festival (ICF) has come out since late September. The theme of this year’s ICF is going to be “Creativity and Our Future”. In the following two months, there will be a series high-profile activities coming up on campus.


The logo of ICF


Started since 2004, the PKU ICF is already more than seven years old at the moment. Hold every year, now it has become a symbol of PKU, which also indicates the step of China’s opening-up to the whole world. Moreover, the festival endeavors to bridge a link between PKU and the outside world. It also works hard to help promote the multi-culture communication among Chinese students and foreign students. There is no doubt that ICF is getting more and more attention not from PKU students, but from public.


This year, PKU ICF 2011 wishes to “Develop Youth”s Global View, Construct International Harmonious Campus”. It will show the world PKU international student’s campus life from a perspective of youth creativity, which aims to promote youth innovation and imagination. To achieve this goal, a variety of activities are held, including sports games, speech and singing contests, photography exhibitions and competition. And on Oct.29, ICF will hold a big celebration show which is highly expected.


ICF Ceremony


As one of the most important high-profile international events, ICF plays a significant role in improving campus culture. It is also a display which expresses the guiding idea that PKU is always looking forward to taking in multi-cultural elements. PKU ICF is also supported by Ministry of Education, China Scholarship Council, China National Office, and SAFEA. To spread its influence and be more creative, ICF 2011 chooses to collaborate with Xicheng Distract to work on festival design. Besides that, ICF also cooperates with Microsoft Research Asia to co-organize Kinect Competition. Meanwhile, a series of concerts and speeches featured international arts can also be found in ICF.


After seven years, ICF has grown into a hit culture show at PKU. Students, no matter international students or Chinese students, are all passionate and enthusiastic about this event. Hopefully, ICF will play a more and more crucial role in enhancing the cultural interaction between Chinese and international students.


Written by: Gao Hongfei
Edited by: Qian Xin
Source: PKU OIR