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【Commencement 2011】 Graduates behind PKU News

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Missions accomplished.


After quizzes, midterms, and exams; problem sets, programs, and papers; trainings and lab reports, task forces, and theses, the Class of 2011 at Peking University (PKU, or Beida) has come to Commencement.


The word "commencement," however, signifies not an end, but rather a beginning. With a universal vision and a down-to-earth spirit, Beida graduates step out into the wider world.


Peking University News presents a special edition for the annual commencement season on campus. The series, “Commencement 2011,” includes galleries, up-to-date reports, and faculty and staff members’ reflections about the Class of 2011.


And more than that. This year, eight PKU News members are among the graduates: Chen Long, Chen Miaojuan, Chen Wei, Han Yafei, Su Juan, Xiang Yunke, Zhang Biyuan, and Zhang Chunlan. We express our sincere wishes for the PKUers ’11 with a featured column - Graduates behind PKU News, demonstrating their irreplaceable contributions to PKU News and Beida's international communications.





We also express our gratitude to Xu Mingjian ’11 of the Law School, whose talent goes beyond the column’s background music that he composed during his seven years’ study at Beida; and “windprint” ’10, whose fabulous photos make sure the column would not gloom.


Happy Graduation!



Peking University News
June 2011