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【Commencement 2011】 Footprint: Chen Miaojuan

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"Commencement 2011," a special edition of Peking University News for the annual commencement season at PKU: Graduates behind PKU News.





Chen Miaojuan


Class of 2011


English Department, School of Foreign Languages, Peking University



Joined PKU News: April 2010


To be a master's candidate at the PKU English Department starting from September 2011



A Collection of Chen Miaojuan's Works at PKU News



Haiyun (Charme marin; Composer: Xu Mingjian '11)





Be professional!


The greatest lesson I have learned from my working experience at PKU News is to be professional at whatever you are doing.


Being professional, to be honest, might be a painful and frustrating process. You might have to fight against your laziness, carelessness, procrastination, or any other bad habits; you might have to face unexpected situations during interviews; you might have to make endless corrections before the news you write or edit is presentable; and you might have to learn to accept criticisms though sometimes they upset you. But after you go through all these, you will suddenly discover that you’ve grown towards a reliable, efficient, careful, and considerate person.


I really want to thank all my colleagues at PKU News. I enjoy working with you guys. Wish you all the best in the future!




Chen Miaojuan