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【Commencement 2011】 Footprint: Su Juan

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"Commencement 2011," a special edition of Peking University News for the annual commencement season at PKU: Graduates behind PKU News.





Su Juan


Class of 2011


School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University



Joined PKU News:  October 2007


A Collection of Su Juan’s Works at PKU News



Zhuanshen Zhijian (There they were; Singer: Sun Xin '11)




Passing time, standing memory


July is coming, indicating my departure from Peking University (PKU). Looking back to these five years, I suddenly realized that I stayed at PKU News for nearly four years. As I devoted into this time, I felt it passed slowly. Once everything becomes a piece of memory, it seems like just happened yesterday.


Through my friend’s introduction, I took part in the recruitment test of PKU News in 2007 and became a member of this association. The original purpose was just to improve my English. However, from the inexperience at the very beginning to editing other journalists’ articles nowadays, I have learned much more about journalism in addition to the improvement in English writing. As a science student, I’ve found it an effective way to learn more about the English language apart from academic papers.


In 2009, I applied to continue my postgraduate study and changed to a PhD candidate from a master one, allowing me another two years at PKU. During this period, I quitted many activities for more and more scientific research tasks, but I chose to stay at PKU News for it had given me a good platform to practice and promote my English. Especially in 2010, I luckily became one of the editors. Since then, I have more chances to read other journalists’ articles and make modifications. This is an effective way to find my own shortcomings in writing and learn new knowledge. It’s a very happy process to make progress together with others.


In these four years, another memorable thing for me is having so many friends working together in the association. Some of them have already graduated, and some of them will continue writing for PKU News. But no one will forget their time at PKU News, during which they have made efforts to improve PKU News’s quality and influence. From 2007 to now, I have witnessed PKU News’s big change and improvement: from the simple news translation to more and more independent reports; from the simplex news to special news with series reports, such as PKU Today in History, "PKUers to Taiwan” Special, and Anniversary Special. PKU News is becoming more and more professional and international.


I feel very lucky to be a member of this association and glad to make so many friends. And I appreciate them for they have given me such a wonderful atmosphere to improve my English as well as many chances to practice myself. I hope all the members of our association can make efforts to raise PKU News’s social and international influence in the future. In the last, I just want to say that life is a profound book, and others’ notes cannot replace your own understanding. So cherish your time at PKU, and prepare yourself well for the future.


I was born in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and received my bachelor’s degree in electronic science & technology of physics from Inner Mongolia University in 2006. Since then, I have studied at the Key Lab for Physics & Chemistry of Nanodevices, Peking University for my doctorate in physical electronics. Recently, my main research interests are in the fields of fabricating miniaturized vapor cells for CPT atomic clock based on different sealing technologies and vacuum sensors based on CNTs.