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Recruitment Consulting Conference Attracts PKU Students

 Peking University, Beijing, Oct.30: The 2008 Winter Recruitment Program has started in accordance with Beijing 2008 Regulations on Winter Recruitment. On the morning of Oct. 27th, Peking University’s consulting conference on recruitment was successfully held in the South Square of the Centennial Hall. Hundreds of students came to the conference for more information on the program. Officers from the Department of the People's Armed Force of Haidian District gave detailed answers to questions concerning qualification, physical examination and life in the army. Several students applied on the spot, and the conference achieved satisfying results.

Organizers also invited Gao Ming, student of Guanghua Management School, who was the first PKU student to enter the army after 1949, to answer questions and talk about his feelings. This year’s recruitment was launched in the context of significant situation and background. Beijing has just hosted the fantastic Olympic Games and Paralympics, Shenzhou VII manned spaceship was launched successfully and people of all ethnic groups celebrated the 30th anniversary of the opening up and reform policy. There are waves of enthusiasm for students to join the army and serve the country in the campus. To better publicize information about 2008 recruitment and respond to students’ questions more effectively, the Department of the people’s Armed Force of Haidian District not only held the consulting conference but also established a hotline for students’ convenience.

This year’s Regulation on Recruitment emphasized university students as the key part of the recruitment. Peking University echoed the recruitment campaign and published 14 favorable policies including tuition fee exemption, scholarships and recommendations to graduate schools, etc.