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A Musical Toast for 20th Birthday of PKUSC

Peking University, Dec. 28, 2010: On the evening of Dec. 20, Peking University Student Choir’s 20th birthday celebration concert was held in PKU Hall.

Peking University Student Choir (PKUSC) was founded in September 1990. Its members are non-music students from over 20
schools and departments of Peking University. Today, led by conductor and choirmaster Prof. Hou Xijin, the Choir has become internationally recognized with numerous concerts and a broad repertoire of Chinese folk songs, classical pieces, and contemporary music in Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and other languages. The Choir gives concerts and performances, some in collaboration with professional orchestras and choral groups. The Choir often appears on China's major televisions and its debut CD was released in April 1998.


Prof. Hou Xijin at the concert

The choir has taken part in many music festivals and competitions in China, and has been given many awards. In 1997,
as the only representative from Asia, the choir participated in the 43rd International Contest of Habanera and Polyphony in Torrevieja, Spain, and won the gold award for polyphony, which makes the Choir the first ever among Chinese university choirs to won an international award. In 1998, its MTV “Farewell” received a national silver award from China Central Television (CCTV). In 2005, the choir won two first places in China University Students Concert Song Contest. In 2005, the choir held their 15th anniversary concert, which again won wide recognition.

The celebration concert was divided into two halves, and it lasted for nearly three hours. Prof. Hou Xijin conducted
the concert, where 25 songs were performed in various forms such as Choral Group, Male Chorus, Female Chorus, and Small-group Chorus. Those songs ranged from world famous through Chinese ballads to original music written by PKU students. Elements of clapping, striding, and dancing enriched the vision and auditory effects. Several choruses were demanding, and at one point, there were sixteen voices.
A birthday celebration joined by former members of Peking University Student Choir (PKUSC), the concert proceeded in
harmony. It presided over by former PKUSC members Ms. Chen Lu and CCTV host Sa Beining. They recalled those sweet old days in PKUSC, contributing to the warm ambience.


The Choir

The celebration concert ended in a touching mood. A celebration song taped by some former PKUSC members who could not
make for the birthday concert was played. Afterward, former PKUSC members at present were invited on stage to sing three choruses "My Motherland", "The Same Song", and "Song of Peking University" with the guest conductor Prof. Wu Lingfen's prompt piano accompaniment and every audience's spontaneous joining.


The 20 years that PKUSC has gone through were embellished with difficulties. The chorus is made up with chorus
amateurs, and its prosperity owes to every member, student and teacher alike. Finally, sweat and youth come to a harvest of memory and movement.


Translated by: Zhao Ning
Edited by:  Chen Miaojuan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)