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Academic Beida (September-October, 2010)

@ Journal of Peking University (Natural Sciences), No. 5, 2010

  ( Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis )




@ Journal of Peking University (Health Sciences), No. 5, 2010






@ Journal of Peking University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), No. 5, 2010



>>Special Article
    The Process of Self Awakening of “the Sleeping Lion in the East”: the Outline of the Chinese Phenomenology of Mind (I) Zhang Shiying


>>“The Phenomenology of Mind” in Philosophical View in Contemporary China

    The Labor Theme of the Phenomenology of Mind and its Philosophical Basis of Marxism Wu Xiaoming
    Learning from Hegel How to Study Chinese Philosophy: Demystifying the Spell of “Ancient China Had no Philosophy” Zhao Dunhua
    A Basic Research on Hegel’s Epistemology of Spirit: A Second Reading of the Phenomenology of Mind and Philosophy of Mind Yu Wujin
    The Relationship between the Phenomenology of Mind and Husserl’s Phenomenology: A Talk Starting from the Translator’s Introduction Jin Xiping


    The Yang’s Family and the Literary Environment of the Middle and Late Tang Dynasty Hu Kexian
    The Relationship between Zixia Living in Xihe and the Book of Songs Spreading in the District of Sanjin (Shanxi) Ma Yinqin
    Quotations and Poetics in the Song Dynasty Ma Zili
    An Analysis of the Stylistic Patterns of the Dedicated and Responded Poems in the Western and Eastern Jin Dynasty: Focus on the Four-Character Poems and Five-Character Poems Guan Qin


    An Explanation of the Deeds of Prince Xian of Hejian in “the Princes Born by the Five Wives of Emperor Xiaojing of the Han Dynasty” from the Records of the Grand Historian Wang Chunhong
    On the Rise and Fall of the Occasional Imperial Examination in the Tang and Song Dynasties and its Historical Lessons Zhu Shangshu


    On Mannheim’s Thought of Utopia Yang Shengping


>>Comparative Literature
    The Important Contributions Made by Professor Yue Daiyun: a Famous Theoretician of Comparative Literature Zeng Fanren    Comparative Literature, Comparative Poetics, and the Way of the Humanities Zhang Pei


>>Special Column in Memory of Wang Li
    Professor Wang Li’s Study on Chinese Historical Lexicology Jiang Shaoyu
    The Historic Contributions Made by Professor Wang Li to the Examination of the Sounds of Homographs in the Putonghua Cao Xianzhuo
    Exploration and Innovation: The Basic Spirit of Professor Wang Li in his Study on Modern Chinese Grammar Lu Jianming
    An Analysis of the Legal Relation in Usufructuary Pledge Right of Movables Sui Pengsheng


>>Book Notes


>>Book Review


>>Briefing of Recent Academic Activities at Peking University


>>Survey on Arts Journals from Other Universities




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