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Raymond Zhou to Inaugurate Lecture Series of PKU News

Lecture Series of Peking University News:


International Communications and Cross-cultural Exchange



Speaker: Raymond Zhou (Zhou Liming)


Time: 19:00, Oct. 29 (Fri.)


Place: Room 301, Classroom Building No. 2 (Erjiao Bldg), Peking University



About the Speaker:

Raymond Zhou is a renowned columnist and cultural critic, and serves as executive editor-in-chief of ChinaDaily.com.cn.



Zhou has an MA from Guangzhou-based Sun Yat-sen University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.


He worked more than 15 years in the US before returning to China. Zhou is known as a cultural and social critic, with influences in the media and culture circles. He is the author of 14 books, all published since 1998, two of which are in English.


Besides the books, Zhou publishes more than 200 articles annually, in either English or Chinese. He has several columns that reach millions of readers. He also makes some 100 media appearances each year, as interviewee, host, or special guest.



More Info:

The Lecture Series of Peking University News is a platform for in-depth dialogue among people of an ideal of journalism.


Sponsored by Peking University News, the lecture series invites guests from the mediasphere who are to share their experiences to PKU audience, especially the experiences in the practice of international communications.


Since 2004, PKU News has born the responsibility of being an exclusive window into the university, and from the university outwards to the world at large, showing readers on campus how tightly they are connected to international trends and events, as well as introducing to the rest of the globe a Peking University (PKU, or Beida as it is known to many) filled with character and brimming with knowledge to share.


Its mission is to pursue a journalistic ideal of freedom, truth, and service, through intensive coverage of diverse news and views of PKU and PKUers.




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