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Chairman of Hong Kong Ethics Council Visits PKU

PekingUniversity, Beijing, June 1st, 2009: On the morning of May 28th, President Zhou Qifeng met with visiting chairman of Hong Kong Ethics Council Mr. Huo Yongjie in the university office. The main purpose of Huo Zongjie’s trip is to meet students who get Hong Kong Ethics Council Scholarship.


President Zhou is very grateful for Mr. Huo Zongjie and Hong Kong Ethics Council. They have solved problems for many students from low-income families, so that they can feel at ease to learn and grow up healthily.In order to further strengthen bilateral cooperation and friendship, President Zhou hope for Hong Kong Ethics Counciland Mr Huo Zongjie’s continuous support in education development of Peking University, and he invited Mr. Huo Zongjie to become an honorary manager on behalf of PKU. Mr. Huo Zongjie said that they will cooperate in more diverse forms and wider areas to support the development of Peking University.During the meeting, Mr. Huo Zongjie signed the “Peking University 2009 Dai Qin Grants” agreement on behalf of Mr. Dai Qin and President Zhou. Director of anti-poverty of Hong Kong Ethics Party, Mr. Lo Chi, General Secretary of Peking University Education Foundation (PKUEF) Deng Ya, Deputy Secretary of PKUEF Li Rong and Zhao Wenli, director of Student Financial Assistance Center Yang Ai’min attended the meeting.


Afterwards, Mr. Huo Zongjie and about 100 PKU students participated in the lunch exchange. On the day of Chinese traditional Dragon Boat festival, Mr. Huo and young students have carried out face-to-face exchanges, and Mr. Huo imparted them a lot of truth in life and successful experience.


In 2006, following Mr. Huo’s suggestion, Hong Kong Ethics Party began to establish scholarships for PKU. In the next few years, the amount of scholarship has risen rapidly. In 2007, it has risen to 1.25 million, and in 2008, it has risen to 1.5 million. In addition, President Huo Zongjie, President Qu Shida, Deputy President Zeng Fucheng, Mr Li Jianqiu, Mr Daiqin have set up individual grant donations.  According to statistics, the total amount of grant donations has reached more than 400 million, and more than 1,700 students have received subsidies.


In 2009, Hong Kong Ethics Council and Mr. Huo jointly funded 2.5 million RMB to support 1000 students from low-income families. Mr. Dai Qin also donated 500,000 RMB to set up Dai Qin scholarship.


Translated by: Xiang Yunke

Edited by: Wang Yi