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Yuanpei College Appoints Extra-Curricular Instructors and Establishes Committee

Peking University, Beijing, April 14, 2009: The Appointment Ceremony of the Extra-Curricular Instructors and the Student’ Academic Research and Innovation Committee Setup General Assembly of Yuanpei College was held in Room 2736 of the No.2 Science Building at 2 pm of May 22nd. The first group of extra-curricular instructors, including Zhu Jifeng, Executive Vice Chairman of China Calligrapher and Painter Association, Li Guangxi, Deputy Director of Forestry Bureau in Daxing district of Beijing, Zhang Jingbo, Vice President of Beijing Chest Hospital and many more prominent persons attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by Ding Xiyou, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the Yuanpei College.


Zhang Tingfang made an address in the meeting where he expressed his gratitude to the presence of the extra-curricular instructors and also stated that the goal of the appointment of these instructors was set to further strengthen the undergraduates of Yuanpei college. He further introduced the basic situation of students’ academic research and innovation in Yuanpei College and expressed his wish to strengthen cooperation with extra-curricular instructors in the future.

Professor Guan Haiting of the College made a concluding statement where he pointed out that the fundamental problem in the teaching of undergraduates was regarding the guidance issue and that these instructors will be the solution to this awaiting problem.


Finally, the Students’ Academic Research and Innovation Committee held the election of permanent members.


Edited By: Yan Jiefei

Translated By : Chen Zhenxia

Source : PKU News (Chinese)