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Liu Yong Seminar on “Beauty: Literature and Speaking”

Peking University, Beijing, May 20th,2009: Renowned Taiwanese artist and author Mr. Liu Yong gave a seminar on the theme of “Beauty: Literature and Speaking” in the QiuLin Hall.


Beauty from Literature to Speaking


Liu arrived formally dressed and won the audience’s applause at his first appearance. His opening was casual yet sophisticated. His speech covered topics from “A Note on the Peach Blossom Yard" by TaoYuanmingto “Song of A Pipa Player” by BaiJuyi; from “Cambridge In My Eyes” by Xu Zhimo to “GuanYin Mountain” by Xu Guangzhong. He even spoke of things such as baseball cementation to martial art novel book reviews. Liu spoke with such ease, arranging those complicated ideas into easily understandable thoughts for the audience. Everyone listened with a high level of attention.


Every production, be it art or literature must come from the heart, even the local artists in the old society’s emphasized art in speaking and literature… Perhaps literature from the heart is the most attractive literature, said Liu. The rich and witty speech led the audience to understanding the charm of literature and speaking.


Appreciating the Beauty of Tragedies


A member from the audience raised the question, “Mr. Liu, you are a man of such beauty, and you have expressed your beauty in many different forms. I would like to know how you became such a beautiful person.”


Liu answered by sharing his less than well-off childhood. He said, if people cannot appreciate the beauty of tragedies, they may sink into reality. I donate all the proceeds from my speeches to the Hope Project, and I remain youthful today because I was brave enough to come out and contribute something to the society.


Viewing People with a Humble Heart


“View all types of people humbly, treat them equally and comfort sadden parents.” As a successful father, Liu Yong talked about parents with children who are sometimes less than they expected, saying he understood how they felt; he however has always viewed all thing and people with an unbiased attitude.


Liu described himself as a person who “works hard on living, and is always looking to outdo himself”. He believes that he has always had a passionate heart, sharp eyes, diligent hands, two busy legs and a very free spirit. With those qualities he “speaks for time and for himself,” those are his principles of creation.


Translated by: Connie Chang

Edited by: Wang Yi