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Lecture on Influenza A(H1N1) Held by PKU Teachers' Union

Peking University, Beijing, May 21, 2009: On the afternoon of May 14, a Lecture on Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 was held at Peking University (PKU) by PKU Teachers' Union in order to enhance the awareness of teachers and students to prevent themselves from the disease and ensure their health. They invited Yu Yanyan, Professor of Medicine of Hospital Infection of PKU First Hospital, to introduce the basic and scientific prevention knowledge. Nearly thirty teachers from different departments of PKU attended the lecture. This lecture was emceed by Zhang Lina, Vice-Chairman of PKU Teachers' Union.

Prof. Yu Yanyan gave a lively introduction about the influenza A(H1N1)'s characteristics, symptoms, ways of transmission, diagnosis, principles of treatment, and preventive measures with the help of powerpoint slides. She cautioned attendees to avoid close contact with sick people, pay attention to personal hygiene like washing hands with soap and water often, and avoid long-time stay in poorly ventilated and crowded areas. People with influenza-like symptoms are recommended to take off and go to the hospital as soon as possible. At the same time, they should wear masks to avoid transmission to others. She also pointed out the importance of exercises which may enhance immunity.

Prof. Yu Yanyan's exciting introduction won warm applause from the audience. After the lecture, the expert answered questions patiently.

Edited by: Seren
Translated by: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)