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PKU Held Green Campus Sustainable Planning and Construction Seminar

Peking University. Beijing. May 15, 2009: Peking University held Green Campus Sustainable Planning and Construction Seminars and Campus Planning and Sustainable Development Workshop on May 12th. Ju Chuan-Jin, Vice President of PKU, Li Qiang, PKU President’s Assistant and Minister of Development Planning, as well as officers from relevant functional departments and representatives of teachers and students from relevant departments participated in the meeting, chaired by Li Qiang.


Lv Bing, Vice-Minister of Department of Development Planning introduced the background and objectives of building sustainable green campus and the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainable Development in PKU. He pointed out that building sustainable green campus included three parts: scientific, rational use of limited space in PKU to ensure the sustainable development of teaching and research activities; value the protection of cultural relics and the environment; construct a sustainable green campus of low-carbon, emphasize energy reduction, water conservation, protect the ecological species diversity and create a safe and comfortable environment-friendly campus environment. He also gave a briefing on the development of building green campus and the plan about promoting the sustainable green campus in the near future.


Shao Min, vice president of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, introduced the "PKU low-carbon campus pioneer plan" which generally relied on the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), "Environment Friendly University" program of the State Ministry of the Environment, the construction of the Green Campus in domestic colleges and universities, the practical needs of saving operating costs and other driving forces. 


Zhao Tianyang, Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese College Students Environmental Education Base exchanged with the participants the experience on the construction of the Environmental Education Base for University Students in China, which was built in 2006 to cultivate China's "Green Young Scholars" as an environmental education platform.


Representatives from PKU College of Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, College of Life Sciences, College of Engineering, and other functional departments of PKU discussed about the framework for the sustainable development of the campus and how to build PKU into a beautiful community of resource-conservation and ecological model of a virtuous circle.


PKU Vice President Ju Chuanjin made the closing statements. He pointed out the distance between PKU and world-class universities in building sustainable campus, and thus action, especially the promotion of the sustainable development concept, is crucial. He particularly stressed the importance of scientific research and data analysis in building a sustainable campus, hoping PKU to make full use of its research strengths to work better on building a sustainable campus.


The title of Office of Campus Planning and Sustainable Development in PKU was changed from the Campus Planning Office of the Ministry of Development Planning on April 21, 2009. The office takes the construction of a sustainable campus as its goal to create a world-class university. It will actively promote the construction of a sustainable campus on the basis of performing regular and key work of campus planning. The office will establish a platform for the collection, analysis, evaluation, sharing and communication of information about sustainable green campus, co-ordinate related construction work, integrate and mobilize internal resources and scientific research, implement and promote energy saving, emission reduction, water conservation and reuse, implement biodiversity and actively participate in the inter-school exchanges and platform sharing for building a sustainable campus with IARU .


Edited By: Seren

Translated By: Chen Zhenxia

Source: PKU News (Chinese)