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Theme Concert to Commemorate 90th Anniversary of May Fourth Movement Held at PKU

Peking University, Beijing, May 7, 2009: On the evening of May 4, “Advancing with Our Motherland”—the Theme Concert to Commemorate the 90th Anniversary of May Fourth Movement was grandly held in the Centennial Commemorative Hall of Peking University (PKU), which was co-hosted by the Publicity Department, Ministry of Education, and Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.

During the concert, there were nearly 2000 young students from nine universities, including PKU, Tsinghua University, and People’s University of China, singing patriotic songs popularized in periods of revolution, construction and reform in China after the May Fourth Movement. Their passionate and enthusiastic voices expressed the young generation’s confidence and determination to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement under the guidance of the party. With persevering faith, good moral characters, rich knowledge, and perfect skills, the young generation can shoulder the historical responsibilities bravely.

Huo Weihua, Vice-Minister of the Publicity Department, Hao Ping, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education, Wang Xiao, Executive Member of Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, Zhou Changkui, Member of Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, and other leaders of Beijing government attended the concert. Leaders of PKU and other universities were also present, including Prof. Min Weifang, Secretary of CPC PKU Committee, Prof. Wu Zhipan, Vice-Secretary of CPC PKU Committee, and Prof. Ke Yang, Executive Vice-President of PKU. The representatives of the winners in the 13th “May 4th Medal to Model Youths”, and 2008 “National Outstanding Member of Communist Youth League”, “National Outstanding Leader of Communist Youth League”, and “National May 4th Red Flag Committee of Communist Youth League” attended the concert as well.

The inspiring melody of patriotic songs showed the martyrs’ revolutionary heroism spirits to fight for the national independence and people’s liberation, which also represented young students’ voices. Some songs, such as “Let’s Swing Our Oars”, “Under the Brilliant Sunshine” etc., displayed the firm belief to love China, the party, and socialism. With the photos of the famous scientists on the screen, the song of “Love of China” delivered the scientists’ patriotism to audiences. The song of “We Are United” brought the performance to the summit. It showed the warm and touching moments in the disasters that happened in China in recent years, including the tears and smiles in face of SARS, the power and strength of Chinese soldiers during the flood and the snow disaster, and the strong connection between civilians and soldiers in the big earthquake of Sichuan Province. There were also many songs about our country praising the great achievement gained by Chinese people since the foundation of the new China, especially during the reform and opening-up period. They also expressed the youths’ best wishes and genuine love for our country. 

Whenever a classic melody was played, one of the PKU alumni was always singing along and following beats of the music with his hands. He told the reporter excitedly that these songs were all the students’ favorite ones thirty years ago. An undergraduate said that he truly felt the spirit of May 4th with him when the music was played, and he hoped the patriotic tradition could be passed on from generation to generation.

The concert, which lasted two hours, was ended successfully in the song of “Chanting for Our Homeland” sung by both performers and audience.


Edited by: Seren
Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)