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HQU & PKU Exchanged Views on Information Construction

Peking University. Beijing. April 15, 2009: on April 8th, the delegation from Huaqiao University visited Peking University Computer Center and exchanged with Zhang Bei and Ma Hao, director and vice director of Computer Center on the information construction in both universities.


Professor Zhang Bei first introduced the latest development of information construction on campus. According to director Zhang, Peking University was one of the universities to build the campus network in mainland China, and the information construction on campus had been highly valued by the University leadership. Thanks to the continuous efforts in the past years, the information construction, such as the construction of the campus network and the development of e-university, had played an irreplaceable role in teaching, research and administration of the university. Professor Zhang also said that the next goal of information construction was, by strengthening the infrastructure construction of the campus network and enhancing the development of e-university, to build a sharing, applicable, secure, and reliable e-campus and to achieve the sustainable development of information construction.


Mr. Chen Yong, director of the Information Office of HuaQiao University and head of the delegation, also spoke highly of the information construction at Peking University. He said that Peking University had set an outstanding example for other universities in China in the field of information construction and he also suggested that both universities should consider how to preserve and show their respective distinctive characteristics and innovate in the process of information construction.

Later both parties also shared experience and views on critical technological problems.


Edited by: Ding Zhilan

Translated by: Lin Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)