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Li Yanhong Requiting Fund Established at PKU

Peking University. Beijing, April 14, 2009: On the morning of April 13th, Mr. Li Yanhong, President and CEO of Baidu and alumnus of Peking University signed an agreement with Peking University President Zhou Qifeng, to donate RMB 10 million to establish “Li Yanhong Requiting Fund” at Peking University.


The Ceremony was attended by Academician Xu Zhihong, former President of Peking University and current President of Peking University Alumni Association, and representatives from Dept. of Information Management, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Guanghua School of Management, Communist Youth League of Peking University, Peking University Education Foundation and Alumni Association of Peking University.


President Zhou spoke highly of the contribution of Mr. Li and his company to the scientific and technological development and the spread of information. He said that their efforts to seek for the minimum distance between people and information not only explored new ways for the economic development and technological research in the information age, but also benefited millions of people and set a distinguished example for the youth, especially students at Peking University.


President Zhou, on behalf of the faculty and students of Peking University, thanked Mr. Li for his support to the University. According to him, as the first requiting fund, it was of special and noble significance. He said that the University cared about the development of alumni and would support them to contribute to the national prosperity, social development and public welfare. He also encouraged the alumni who had achieved their career success to give back to the society.


In the past years, alumnus Li Yanhong has been closely connected with the Alma Mater in both academic and career development. The Alma Mater has not only taught him about book knowledge, social responsibility and critical thinking, but also helped him a lot with the development and growth of Baidu. The fund he established today was his first but not last response in return for the abundant support and help he had received from the Alma Mater.


Mr. Li Yanhong graduated from Dept. of Information Management, Peking University, in 1991 and has been invited to return to the University to exchange with the students for several times since then. In 2008, he was asked to deliver a speech at commencement of Peking University.


It’s said that besides leading the development of his company, Li Yanhong will devote more and more energy to the social welfare cause to serve and give back to the society.


According to the instruction of alumnus Li, the fund will support scholarships, international exchange programs for students and other programs to benefit the development of departments and schools.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: Lin Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)