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Office of Student Financial Aid providing development-oriented aid

Peking University, Oct. 23, 2014: October 17th, 2014 was China’s first Poverty-Relief Day. In response to the government’s call on poverty alleviation, the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) of Peking University (PKU) has undertaken detailed researches into the specific needs of individual students who receive financial support in order to provide them with development-oriented aid, which is distinct from the traditional practice of merely offering economic relief.

The developmental aid package devised by OSFA consists of two parts, namely, the basic financial aid and the access to various kinds of voluntary activities and skill workshops. As for the basic financial aid, the office helps students to cover their basic living expense on campus by providing need-based scholarships, student loans, work-study jobs, emergency financial assistance, etc. As for the second part of the package, the office runs 18 different programs, which include the Youth Leadership Camp, Campus Navigator, and Voluntary Service.

OSFA has been taking an active part in the cooperation with other administration offices and divisions to provide more part-time job positions for the students, such as facility management assistant, library assistant and private tutor. Also, the students who have taken the part-time jobs are required to attend self-protection education workshops and participate in skill training programs aiming to upgrade their skills in practical writing, video production and office software operation.

OSFA has established the Student Service Fund to encourage the student-beneficiaries to participate in voluntary services and to help them carry out projects aiming to promote public welfare. Besides, in the Youth Leadership Camp held by the office, students are provided with programs such as the freshmen workshops, outward bound training and field trips.

Written by: Li Xiaowei
Edited by: Chen Jiayu
Source: Office of Student Financial Aid