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PekingU's latest open course to popularize digital library

Peking University, Sept. 20, 2014: Peking University recently published China’s first open course on information literacy, aiming to make online academic resources more accessible.

A series of nine videos, each with a length of forty to sixty minutes, joined the “Open Courses of Chinese Universities” list. There, over this course, four lecturers from the University’s library provide practical cases along with the knowledge framework. Students are taught how to retrieve and utilize digital resources such as e-journal database, e-book database, multimedia database and Google Search.

The videos, if combined with the courses of other professions, would further help improve basic searching skills on those specific fields.

The course is now available on the leading commercial platform of Netease, one of the biggest portals in China — as well as on an official site run by Ministry of Education. Among the forerunners in China, it is also expected to motivate more courses to open their doors to the public through the Internet.


Written by: Wu Zhangxin’an
Edited by: Arthars
PKU Library