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Yang Fuqing: to fight, to devote

Peking University, June 12, 2014: “The road of life is a road of devotion, hard work, and service to the country,” lectured Academician Yang Fuqing to a crowd of Peking University (PKU) students on May 29, 2014, “It is also a road of fulfillment and realization of values.”



“No one can always sail through life,” Yang shared her story with students. She recounted her frustration at her first mathematics exam in college and how she got the encouragement from her teacher Feng Qiyong. She kept Feng’s encouragement to heart and paid more attention to others’ strongest suits. Finally, she got hold of the rule of learning and scored the highest in Real Variable. “Then I regained my confidence.”


Yang recalled her inspirations in Mathematics when she was young. When she recalled one time she was given extra points because of her unique way of solving the problem, she commented, “learning is not just collecting knowledge. It is also thinking about the rule of learning.” Besides, she related her interests in literature and history, and urged the students to broaden their horizons and dabble in different areas.



The “mother” of the Jade-bird System did not recognize her titanic status in the realm of Chinese software engineering—“but rather a paving stone.” By pointing out the importance of teamwork, she emphasized that students should integrate themselves into a group. “The power of the group can overcome the growing obstacles.”


And Yang had more tips of success. She remembered that students in the 1950s and 1960s did not have so many temptations and only wanted to serve the nation and the people. Yang and her classmates used to read in teachers’ dorms to after their own lights out. They had to rush to the library to reserve seats before they went to the canteen.


When Yang was studying in the Soviet Union, because of her gratitude towards her nation, she was quite diligent. Her first computer program even amazed her Russian teacher.


Accordingly, Yang urged the students to devote themselves to the country as she had done, and apply what they have learned to real life. “There is no difference of dignity in jobs,” she considered the key as the ability to capture chances, which itself is fair enough to everyone.



Yang’s meeting is the fifth session of the “Professor’s Cafe,” a regular series organized by PKU Office of Student Affairs. In such a two-hour meeting, a renowned professor is invited to exchange with students on the topics of growing up, spirit of sciences and humanities.


All PKU students, including those from the Yanyuan Campus and the Health Science Center, are qualified to enter themselves through the Internet for the 20 places in every meeting. The meeting content would be available on a mobile platform soon afterwards.


Written by: Chen Runxi
Edited by: Arthars
Source: Office of Student Affairs