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A glimpse of Peking University

Peking University, June 6, 2014: On the walls of Lee Shau Kee Building these days, a collection of oil paintings is currently on display. The exhibition is called "a glimpse of Peking University", a key project of Campus Art Gallery of PKU.

From April to May, over 20 distinguished Chinese contemporary painters were invited to look around and draw paintings about the campus. After taking a close look at the campus and exploring beauty from a unique angle, artists captured the charming moments by their brushes. The exhibition "A glimpse of Peking University" is a display of their works.

The paintings exhibited in the lobby of Lee Shau Kee Building

Launched by PKU Dean's Office and School of Arts, Campus Art Gallery aims at extending new forms and room for aesthetic education. It makes use of public space like Classroom Buildings to exhibit artworks about PKU, which are created by teachers, students as well as alumni.

Several special exhibitions held before have gotten credit. Professor Peng Feng from School of Arts serves as the curator this time.

During this semester, some artists are going to be invited to share their experience of artistic creating with PKU students on the campus. In the future, multiple forms of art oriented towards PKU elements will be adopted, including traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, engraving, sculpture, etc.

In this way, the teaching space is transformed into a charming art gallery where teachers and students can enjoy beautiful artworks and find a new way to appreciate the beauty of Beida.

Written by: Li Ruiqi
Edited by: Li Wenrui
Source: School of Arts