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Take a dip in the sea of books

Peking University, May 23, 2014: If you ever regretted wasting too much time on the Internet or the mobile phones and leaving little time for book reading, join the "Operation e" and discover a new self!

A fun intellectual activity entitled "take the challenges and know the library" was successfully held under the strong support of Peking University Library in the period from May 17th to 18th, which also marked the launch of "Operation e".

This activity combined the use of library resources with the publicity of Internet qualities, encouraging students to reduce the time spent on the Internet and be more devoted to books. It attracted 80 teams to participate, which added up to about 200 students who wanted to make a change.

As an important part of the 2014 World Reading Day series events, this activity took the advantage of a popular contest form to set up checkpoints in six different reading rooms including tasks ranging from Internet knowledge Q&A, bibliographic retrieval to the slogan designing, etc. The participants could fully feel the cultural atmosphere of the library while breaking through in the heated contest.

The full set of bookmarks for every winning contestant

The "Operation e" has been trying to expand its influence within the campus since it started at the end of 2013. According to the plan initiated by Youth Network Development Association of PKU (PKU YND), an activity called "study without mobile phones" will come out next semester.

For a warm-up, students' ideas, slogans and wishes were collected during this semester. Some expressed their resolution to develop a habit of reading books and taking notes on a daily basis.

The operation targets at the generation after 1990s, and the letter "e" is not only a symbol of Internet, but also the initial letter of "easy", "education" and "effective". It features the easy forms for everyone, in order to be more effective and achieve the educational goal, preventing students from being enslaved by the overloaded information.

Some other previous activities of the operation contain picture shows, 5-minute micro class, WeChat platforms and etc. It has played an active part in cleaning the Internet environment and teaching the students to be more rational in using the Internet through self-control.

Written by: Jin Panzhu
Edited by: Li Wenrui
Source: Youth Network Development Association