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A Bite of China initiates PKU 11th International Culture Festival

Peking University, May 12: PKU 11th International Culture Festival initiated with an interview with the crew of A Bite of China on May 6, 2014.


“Peking University International Cultural Festival is a multi-stage for Chinese and foreign culture exchange and food is a shortcut to observe the culture of a nation. A Bite of China documentary TV series makes a great contribution to present and promote Chinese culture on global arena by such a unique topic,” said Wu Zhipan, Vice President of Peking University, on the opening ceremony.


A Bite of China is a newly aired documentary TV series on history of food, eating and cooking in China that embraced a huge success.


As a window of culture, A Bite of China did an impressive job in presenting the uniqueness of Chinese culture to improve communication between China and the world. That is also the main purpose of International Culture Festival. By providing such a stage to show cultures from different countries to Chinese students, the festival would open a window to world for the future generation. Food, along with other culture symbols, could all serve as bridge between China and the world.



“The main purpose of this documentary,” said the crew, “is to explore the mystery between food and people in China.” Food, one of the most basic things in daily life, is also a witness of the transformation of history. Food culture is closely related with a country’s geography, agriculture, industry, and social structure, etc. Food is shaped by culture, also is shaping the culture.


For Chinese, food is like a tie that binds people with their hometown however far away they are from motherland. The pictures in A Bite of China can not only spark viewer’s appetite, but also touch their emotion of homesick by the mother-made food.  


“Food is the most delicate and vivid language. Though language and character might lose in translation, food can overcome culture barriers among different civilizations. A Bite of China brings new life to Chinese food. It combines Chinese food with Chinese philosophy to present the wisdom of ‘ethics in food’ in China,” said Zhang Yiwu, professor from Department of Chinese Language and Literature.


The exchange forum attracted both Chinese students and international students in PKU. Some of international students expressed their love for Chinese food and their understanding of relation between food and culture in their countries. Chinese food is like the charming face of a beautiful lady that intrigued people’s curiosity to explore more about the beauty behind the face.


The 11th Peking University International Culture Festival was themed with “New Start, New Dream, New World”. The exchange forum initiated the 11th PKU International Culture Festival. In the following week, a bite of international culture will bring PKU students exotic experience of the beauty of different cultures.


Written by: Wu Cuiting

Edited by: Zhao Xiaowei

Source: http://pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xywh/2014-05/08/content_282849.htm