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Love Heart Society of Peking University launches “love Travelling”

Peking University, May 9th, 2014: The launch ceremony and press conference of the “love travelling” summer social practice, which is staged by the love heart society, was held at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center.

After sharing the video of Love Heart Travelling over the years, Deng Ying, the proprietor of the society, made a brief description about the society and the “love travelling” activity. According to her, the Love Heart Society founded in 1993, is the first volunteer service community spontaneously established by students among China’s universities. Along with its rapid growth in past decades, the community is dedicated to offering help to those who need it the most, such as children, the disabled and the elderly. “Originated from 1995, Love Travelling is a social investigation, an exchange among middle schools, and a teaching activity in 27 provinces and municipalities all over the country.”

Wang Jiekun, the deputy proprietor of Love Heart Society and the principal of 2014 “Love Travelling” then introduced the details of the activity this year and volunteer interviewing. Preparation for the travelling this year started in the fall of 2013 and the final destinations are Chifeng of Inner Mongolia, Bayinnaoer of Inner Mongolia, Nanchang of Jiangxi Province, Shimen of Hunan Province and Huayin of Shaanxi Province.

The former Olympic champion Chen Yibing also sent his blessings to Love Heart society by video, “I’m very happy to wear the Love Heart Travelling T-shirt, but I also feel the great responsibility.” He pointed out that public service is not a onetime thing, but need enormous endeavor and perseverance. Combining his experience of engaging in "Public Forums in Hundreds of Universities" after retirement, he wanted to convey through this way the spirit of sport to the public and as well as mutually encourage himself and college students. He hoped that the Love Heart Society of Peking University will keep its momentum to pass love around and wished  "Love Around the World" of 2014 a complete success!

Written by:  Ma Rongrong 
Edited by:  Li Chiyang
Source:  PKU News (Chinese)