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Deputies Saw Photography Exhibition of “Dreams of Bird’s Nest”

Peking University, Beijing, Mar. 19, 2009: During the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Annual Sessions 2009, the Olympic Photography Exhibition of “Dreams of Bird’s Nest” has been displayed in Peking University (PKU) which has received broad welcome and praise from not only teachers and students but also NPC deputies. This exhibition has been sponsored by the Communist Youth League PKU Committee.


The sixty photos by Mr. Song Guoming, a journalist from China Central Television (CCTV), were all taken of the “heroes behind the scenes” in the Olympics – the journalists. Because of the novel theme of this exhibition, it has attracted a large number of PKU students, foreign students, photography enthusiasts, and former Olympic volunteers as soon as it appeared in the Triangle. It is known that this is the first time in the history of the Olympic photography exhibitions to use journalists as protagonists on such a large scale.


After seeing the exhibition, Mr. Ma Xianfu, a deputy of NPC, said: “I am very pleased to visit PKU and see the ‘Dreams of Bird’s Nest’ Photography Exhibition during the NPC, CPPCC Annual Sessions 2009. In Premier Wen Jiabiao’ s government work report, he mentioned our urgent need to develop in culture and sports, and to promote the prosperity of our culture. Although the Olympic Games have successfully ended, how to inherit and carry forward the Olympic culture and spirit has become an issue for the NPC deputies. So it is meaningful to hold this exhibition in PKU. I hope to see more activities like this exhibition to carry forward the Olympic culture and spirit as treasures of this decade.”


The person from the Communist Youth League PKU Committee who is in charge of the photography exhibition told the reporter that PKU has paid great attention to the promotion of the Olympic culture and spirit after the Olympic Games. This exhibition has re-presented the grand scenes in the 2008 Olympic Games through its unique perspectives. This exhibition has not only brought a pleasant memory to the former Olympic volunteers, but also provided a good chance to study and communicate for PKU students and teachers and photography enthusiasts as well. We hope that the Olympic spirit can remain in the hearts of PKU students and teachers with the help of this exhibition.


Many PKU students expressed their interests in this kind of exhibition with non-mainstream themes. After seeing these photographs, a lot of them asked whether it was possible to find them on the web and wanted to communicate with the photographer. A Spanish student: “I like them. They are very interesting. I rarely see how journalists work on TV.” Another student told the reporter that she was shocked by these photographs’ uniqueness and completion. A student from School of Life Sciences appreciated Mr. Song Guoming for the wonderful pictures he brought to everyone. A student from Guanghua School of Management also said: “This exhibition reveals another side of the Olympic journalists which people barely know. Their work is hard and lonely. After seeing the exhibition, I have gained a deeper understanding of journalists’ work and their professional spirits, and the Olympic spirit.”


In the interview, Mr. Song Guoming expressed that he felt honored to exhibit his works in PKU, and very glad to see his works has been welcomed here and was very proud of the work of his colleagues. He also said he would accept advice from PKU students and teachers with an open mind.


After the exhibition at PKU, the Olympic Photography Exhibition of “Dreams of Bird’s Nest” will be displayed at the Bird’s Nest. Then it will be held at famous universities, different cities even abroad to show the grand scenes of the 2008 Olympic Games to Chinese people and the whole world once again, to carry forward the Olympic culture and spirit more deeply all over China, and introduce the glories of Olympic journalists to the whole world.


Edited: Seren
Translated by: Su Juan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)