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The 33th Students’ Culture Festival of School of International Studies opens

Peking University, Apr. 14, 2014: Companied with the theme forum “China under change”, the 33th students’ culture festival opening ceremony was held successfully at March 21, 2014. PKU Council Vice Chairwoman Ye Jinyi, PKU Youth League Committee Secretary Ruan Cao, dean of School of International Studies (SIS) Jia Qingguo, party secretary Li Hanmei, vice secretary Zhu Yibo were present.

Students’ culture festival, held annually since 2002, is one of the remarkable events of SIS. In the past 12 years, the students’ culture festival has always focused on the demand of students, reflecting the life of students and keeping making kinds of form innovations. The festival has become a splendid culture banquet including academic lectures, world tours, theme exhibitions, and student salons.

The ceremony opened with an elaborate introduction video. The video briefly reviewed the history of the festival with vivid narrations and flash, and introduced the festival this year, themed on “China in my eye” demonstrating the SISer’s concern for the nation and the world.

Later on, Ye Jingyi, Li Hanmei gave their speeches respectively. Ye pointed out that the festival of every school is a powerful platform to organize activities for students, and the SIS is one of schools which have the longest history of culture festival. She spoke highly of the theme of the festival and showed her great hope of the following forums. Li Hanmei reviewed previous festivals and pointed out that the spirit brought up in 2009 culture festival, patriotism and world concern, has become the spirit flag of SIS.

Professor Wang Guangqian, president of Qinghai University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, professor Zhang Yunlin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Faculty of International Research Officer, and professor Jia Qingguo were invited to the forum.

Three speakers narrated their understandings of the theme topic “China in the change” from their points of view. Academian Wang focused on education. After a comparison of education methods between China and other countries, he proposed a scenario to spur innovation, and gave a profound talk on education equality. Professor Zhang analyzed the evolution of China’s role on the world platform, and pointed out that our country should transfer our emphasis to better development from merely survival. He suggested that we should discard the traditional way of rejuvenation featured by hostility, but try to build a partnership with neighboring countries, so as to earn a friendly international environment. Professor Jia, one of CPPCC National Committee members this year, shared his experience of participation in “Two Sessions”. He pointed out that our government should keep on streamlining administration and delegating more power to lower levels. Many topics, including Crimea issue, Korean Peninsula nuclear Issue, and the traditional culture education issues were brought up at the Q&A session.

Meanwhile, a theme exhibition was underway, in the corridor outside the lecture hall. The photo exhibition focused on students’ activities, describing the life in SIS.

Written by: Zhang Chao

Edited by: Li Chiyang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)