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Renrendai: a new era for micro-finance in China

Peking University, Mar. 25, 2014: On March 15, the lecture named “The Outlook of Internet Finance” was successfully held in Room 1114, No.1 Natural Science Building.

The lecture, delivered by Yang Yifu, a PKU alumnus from Department of Financial Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, is a part of the alumni salon organized by PKU School of Mathematical Sciences.

Yang, one of the cofounders of “Renrendai” —an Internet-based P2P credit lending company, first presented students his insight of a rising financial industry. He introduced the history and current situation of online finance, emphasizing that the hard bone of online finance was not only the Internet as its means, but also the its spirit.

At present stage, P2P lending service is the representative field of online finance. The lack of individualized finance services in China coupled with great market demands promises China’s P2P platform with immense potential anda bright future.

The company, initiated by Zhang Shishi (Tsinghua University graduate), Li Xinhe and Yang Yifu (PKU graduates), aims at creating a spirit-of-Internet-packed individual platform for financial service.

Micro-finance in China has the advantage of huge demands and sufficient supply. By overcoming the only barrier of platform deficiency, Renrendai can bridge the gap between the huge financial demands and overflowing capital funds.

At the end of the interactive session, Yang shared his venture story with the audience. He encouraged students to lay a solid foundation for the future during college years, acquire proficiency in diverse areas, chase excellence and be bold to pursue dreams.

Written by: Chen Runxi

Edited by: Li Wenrui

Source: pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xywh/2014-03/21/content_281873.htm