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PKU President Zhou Qifeng Met with Officials from MIIT and Guangdong Provincial Government

Peking University, Beijing, March, 18th, 2009: On the afternoon of March 1st, President of Peking University Zhou Qifeng met with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Vice Director and Institute of Digital ChinaPeking University (IDC/PKU) Vice Director-General Yang Xueshan, Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology and IDC/PKU Deputy Director-General Lu Zhonghe, Vice-chairman of China Zhi Gong Party, CPPCC Vice Secretary, and Dean of Institute of Digital Guangdong Wang Qinmin and other officials from the Guangdong Government. Academician Tong Qingxi, Dean of IDC/PKU and Prof. Chen Xiuwan, IDC/PKU Secretary and Deputy Director, accompanied them.



During the meeting, President Zhou Qifeng introduced to the officials the cooperation between Peking University and local research centers, and inquired about the development of Digital Guangdong, as well as the preparation process of the IDC — Huanan Division. He pointed out that being the leading province in the national economic development, as well as a pioneer in China’s Reform, Guangdong had prioritized the combination of research and production. As the first university to cooperate with Guangdong on research and industry combination, Peking University respected and cherished such an opportunity, and intended on making efforts for further cooperation with Guangdong in industrial planning, information technology, personnel development etc. On behalf of Peking University, President Zhou Qifeng thanked the officals from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as well as the Guangdong Provincial Government for their support to the Institute of Digital ChinaPeking University.


The officials from Guangdong expressed the importance the Government had attached to the building of Digital Guangdong and its cooperation with Peking University. Chairman Lu Zhonghe stressed that Guangdong’s Informationization work is faced with an unparalleled opportunity for development. Since Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Wang Yang promoted the idea of “Building a Digital Guang Dong to control a commanding height in economic and social development,” the Provincial Party Committee and Government have adopted several policies to further the development of Digital Guangdong. In October of 2008, National Development and Reform Commission released an outline of building a Digital Pearl River Delta. Cooperation between Guangdong and Peking University provides a prospective future for China’s digital development.


Dean Tong Qingxi briefed the attendants on the preparation of IDCHuanan Division. He said that the preparation work has been successfully drawn to an end. The attendants expressed their high hopes for the future development of the Huanan Division and contributions it would make to building the Digital Guangdong.



Edited by: Ding Zhilan

Translated by: Yun-Hsien Chang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)