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Social Practice: A Link between Hometown and Beida

Peking University, March 3, 2014: Focusing on social development and people’s wellbeing, PKU encouraged students to apply diversified forms in their social practice concerning various aspects of their hometown during the winter vacation of 2014.


Meaningful as the activity was, the teachers and students engaged in it with great enthusiasm. After signing up their names in the application form, the 468 students, divided into separate groups, would ask their mentors for assistance and guidance. In this way, they could find a way to draft a comprehensive plan.


Diversified activities

A noteworthy change appeared this year — giving up fighting separately, more students chose to work in a team (156 students out of the whole 468).


Different activities were carried out by PKU students. Students from Law School and School of International Studies headed for China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Having grasping the general operation status and development trend, they had in-depth discussions on the role of finance, trade and administration of the zone.


Students from School of Economics organized a team to explore the life of city sanitation workers. Separately in Changsha Yuhua District and Yuelu District of Hunan Province, members of the group sent questionnaires to city sanitation workers and the leader of them. Not only moved by the toil of the workers, students also showed great concern about the protection of their living guarantee. After investigating and comparing the life of city sanitation workers in other countries, the group shared their opinions on the approaches of improving these workers’ living standard.



Students of School of Government concentrated on the development of rural areas. A group was organized to investigate the history and current situations of Xiaogang — a small village in Fengyang County, Anhui province, which was held up as a model of economic improvement among Chinese villages around 35 years ago. By visiting the Memorial Hall and interviewing villagers, members finished a well-rounded research about this small village’s pioneering contribution three decades ago. The co-existing of courage and puzzle showed the fact of both chance and challenge.



Students of College of Environmental Science and Engineering paid attention to the environmental issues of their hometown. Li Yijing was one of them. By collecting statistics and sending out questionnaires, she investigated the conditions of PM2.5 in her hometown Shenyang, Liaoning Province. After comparing with the last two years’ data, she shared her insight and had her own conclusion.


The graduates of Law School focused on the employment issues in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Some of the members indicated that this practice renewed their thoughts of working in western regions. “Western regions are facing the upgrading of industrial structure. For qualified people, working in this area is a win-win situation to both of them and the city.


Volunteer activities attracted student’s attention as well. Students headed for different provinces to help people in need. Some students in Department of Philosophy volunteered to be community-supported teachers in the poor countryside of Guangdong Province and Henan Province, spreading traditional culture of China. Besides, 1000 volunteers of PKU gave away winter clothes to children in need.




Unique feelings

“This was the first semester I spent in Beida. Having lived in Beijing for half a year, I knew the difference of Beijing from my hometown, which has aroused my interests to renew my hometown. This activity gave me a chance to observe my hometown in a brand-new perspective. ”

---Wang Pengfei, Law School


“Last year, I participated in this activity on my own and got almost nothing. This year, working in a team brought us high efficiency. Teammates worked together and everything seemed easy to achieve. I went to several places and my experience was enriched.”

---Wei Guohua, School of International Studies



Background info:

Social practice in PKU is a renowned project of education for all-round development. Since 1982, various forms and diversified projects have been explored. Now, social practice has become an attractive off-class activity, which is popular among PKU students. Meanwhile, the social practice during winter period offers students an opportunity to step out of the ivory tower, care for the social state of their hometowns, and make good use of their time.


Written by: MengYiran

Edited by: Li Wenrui

Source: PKU News