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PKU to Cooperate with Foshan and Harbin City Government

Peking University, Beijing, March 18th, 2009: On the morning of 14th March, Peking University held talks and signed contracts of cooperation respectively with government representatives of Foshan City and Harbin City. The talks covered topics such as providing consultant services regarding policies, education, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to expand the channels of cooperation and communication between the two cities and the University.



Mayor of Foshan Mr. Chen Yunxian first introduced the economic and social development of the city. He began with the city’s unique geological conditions and abundant historical and cultural heritage, describing Foshan as a city with strong private economy, distinctive brand culture and highly-competent specialized towns. As an alumnus of PKU, Mayor Chen said that his visit to Alma Mater was, on the one hand, to deepen the friendship between the city and the University, and on the other hand, to explore ways of cooperation between the two parties in areas such as industrial structure, urban planning, scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property and so on.


Vice President of PKU Ms. Yue Sulan responded by saying that the University had valued the cooperation and communication with the Guangdong area including the Foshan city and Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University and IER Base had played an important role in South China during the past years. She hoped that with the channels of communication, more and more projects of common interest would be launched.



Later, mayor of Harbin Mr. Zhang Xiaolian gave an overall picture of the city in aspects of economy, agriculture and education and expressed the wish to broaden and deepen the cooperation with PKU. He observed that the city needed the theoretical support and advice from the University concerning microeconomic and regional economic planning, and especially in areas such as the reform of state-owned enterprises, scientific and technological innovation, the management of public affairs and programs integrating industry, university and research, there were a lot of opportunities for them to cooperate.


Executive Vice President of PKU Mr. Lin Jianhua remarked that Harbin was a city with solid industrial foundation and international geographical advantage, and the University was glad to work with the city government to seize the opportunity to revive the traditional industrial base in Northeast China and contribute to the social and economic development of the city.


The Development and Reform Commission of Harbin City will set up the Cooperation and Innovation Fund at PKU, to support the researches on the urban development, industrial upgrading and optimization, cultural and creative industries and so on.


Edited by: Ding Zhilan

Translated by: LIN Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)