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PKU Centennial Physics Lectures holds Lecture 9

Peking University, Mar. 3, 2014: PKU Centennial Physics Lectures held its ninth period at Sunshine Hall, Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center on February 25th.


Professor Gerard’t Hooft, the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Physics, gave a lecture on “The Book Keeper of the Universe”. And Professor Joseph Incandela, who was awarded the 2012 Special Fundamental Physics Prize, delivered a speech on “From the Higgs to the Realm of the Unknown”. Nearly 400 audiences from universities and scientific institutes attended this event and had a face-to-face exchange with the lecturers afterwards.


Gerard't Hooft


As a Dutch theoretical physicist and professor at Utrecht University of the Netherlands, Gerard’t Hooft shared the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics with his thesis advisor Martinus J. G. Veltman for elucidating the quantum structure of electroweak interactions. During this time, Professor Gerard’t Hooft vividly described the theoretical existence necessity of Higgs boson as well as the current problems in this field.


Joseph Incandela, an American particle physicist and professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, once acted as the spokesperson for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment, and announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012, for which he won the 2012 Special Fundamental Physics Prize. In his speech, Professor Incandela introduced high-energy physics experiments, especially information about the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment, and reviewed PKU’s contributions to CMS.


Joseph Incandela


Li Yansong, vice-president of PKU and Xie Xincheng, dean of the Department of Physics presented “PKU Centennial Physics Lectures” souvenirs to the two scientists prior to the lecture.


Written by: Gao Hongfei

Edited by: Li Wenrui

Source: http://pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xxfz/2014-02/27/content_281378.htm