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The Han & Korean Styles: Sino-Korean Students' Cultural Seminar kicks off

Peking University, Nov. 25, 2013: “What I’ve been fond of for years”, the cultural-cross themed seminar sharing the cultural differences between China and Korea was held in Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center on November 15th. Students from both countries shared their understandings of the two cultures and their communication through various works of literature and art.

Park Sang-uk, a postgraduate in international economic law, gave an introduction on the influence of Korean culture in the world, while the other two student representatives from Korea focused more on the cultural interaction. Ha Jeong-mi from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, presented a detailed view of how Koreans viewed Chinese culture through some of the classic Chinese films and literature. As she vividly put, the cultural interaction between China and Korea is a “close touch within a hand’s reach”. Following her topic, Park Seong-il, a postgraduate majoring in comparative literature and world literature, analyzed the “successful cultural integration” through the “serendipity” in the two movies Secret and Introduction to Architecture.

The Chinese students from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature then expressed their feelings about the cultural exchange more based on their own experiences. Xiao Yingxuan gave an account of her life stories centered on her reading experiences and Wang Kaiwen talked about the specific cultural remarks when growing up.
Moreover after the presentations from the students, all the participants joined in the heated discussion on topics such as “Chinese teaching in Korea”, “the development of online games in Korea”, etc. The opinion exchanges led to a better understanding of both cultures.

Background Info :
The Han & Korean Styles: Sino-Korean Students’ Cultural Exchange is a cross-cultural activity in Peking University where students from China and Korea are free to share their cultural understandings of any forms of literary and artistic works from both countries. The activity is held by the Office of International Relations and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, aiming at promoting the mutual cultural understanding and interaction.

Written by : Zhang Ruichen
Edited by : Qian Xin

Source : Office of International Relations