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PKU Mountaineering Association tells their stories

Peking University, Nov. 24, 2013: The report of PKU Mountaineering Association (PKUMA) was held at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center.


Li Ning, director of Department of Physical Education and Sports Science spoke highly of the Shanying spirit handed down year after year and expressed his concern about security.


Shi Haoyi, captain of Camel Team and former president of Mountaineering Association, summarized the mountaineering activities, including the process of climbing as well as the exploring route. Jia Peishen, captain of Climbing Team delivered a professional review of the whole climbing process, including various routes, the schedules and the weather etc.



Subsequently, “Kertz Sele Climbing Documentary”, a video that restores the true climbing process, amazed all participants and spectators present, manifesting the charm of the mountains and the hardship of climbing.


The climbers introduced themselves then, revealing the deep friendship and understanding of each other, and demonstrated to the media and the audience the Eagle Spirit --- “save the heart of eagle, aiming at the lofty”.



Background info:


Mountaineering Association of Peking Universityis a student association centered on mountain climbing. Founded in April 1, 1989, it consists of PKU students and teachers. It is the first student association whose main activities are mountaineering and rock climbing.


The climbing practice of PKU Mountaineering Associationvigorously promoted the Chinese folk mountaineering, especially the rise and development of the National University mountaineering.Mountaineering Associationproposed"green climbing", "zero waste" and so on in recent years, developing new ideas for College students’climbingactivities. It has trained a batch oftalentsfor the Chinese Mountaineering fields, and also greatly promoted the development of domestic mountaineering career.



Written by: Dui Yanjin

Edited by: Li Chiyang