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School of Art holds the 3rd Post-Doc Academic Forum

Peking University, Dec. 3, 2013: The 3rd Post-Doc Academic Forum, aplatform encouraging post-doctorial researchers to innovate and present research results, was held by School of Art, Peking University (PKU) on November 27th, 2013. This forum enabled a dynamic interaction among schools, host professors and post-doctoral researchers, leading to a new stage of the school’s academic research.


At the beginning of this forum, Professor Wang Yichuang, Dean of School of Art, gave a speech on the purpose and meaning of holding such a forum and then introduced the procedures and standard of in-station tests, academic evaluation and management services, as well as the achievements gained since after, of which he spoke highly.


Professor Yang Rongxiang, deputy director of Personnel Department, positively admitted the achievements gained by post-doctoral research station since 2009 and explained the concrete measures to be taken regarding post-doctoral researchers’pay raise, the optimization of their management and the enhancement of their academic qualities. Besides, he pointed out that though post-doctoral researchers are low in quantity, high in quality, a positive result of the attention and efforts paid by school leaders.


At this forum, four research results, respectively titled as “Split Imagination of the U.S. and ExtremeAttitude towards cultureA Reflection onthe U.S. Image in Chinese Movies”, “The Development Tendency of China’s Television Documentaries under Media Convergence Context”, “Research on Wall Painting in Chongyang Temple of Yongle Palace” and “Drama Convergence: The Origin and Influences of Richard Sehechner’s Diversion on Drama Anthropology” were reported by four post-doctoral researchersSong Fagang, GuYaqi, Liu Ke and Hu Penglin,all received comments and suggestions from their host professors.




This forum was firstly held in 2009 by School of Art after the establishment of post-doctoral research station, aiming at strengthening the management, education and accommodation of post-doctoral researchers.



Written by: Hu Beibei

Edited by: Li Chiyang

Source: PKU News