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Peking University lecture info (Oct. 31-Nov. 7)

>> Background, Problem and Future of the East Asian Community

Speaker: Chung Joon-Kon (Doctor of Politics, Professor at MeiJi University)

Venue: Room 421, Classroom Building No. 2

Date: Oct. 31, 2013

Time: 18:40-20:30

Organizer: Department of History, Peking University (PKU)


Chung Joon-Kon is senior researcher of One Asia Foundation, and professor at Meiji University. His studies mainly centers on the Asian regional cooperation and Asian community.


This lecture is the seventh class of the course “Historical Practice and Theoretical Scheme of the East Asian Community”, organized by the Department of History.


In a globalized world, the economy in East Asia is developing in a faster rate than that of any other region. However, the history, including wars and territory disputes that have taken place among the countries, is making their relations more complicated, thus impeding their way to the integration.



>> Water Global View & Purification with Fibrous Membranes

Speaker: Prof. Benjamin Chu, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Venue: Room A204-206, Building of Chemisty

Date: Nov. 1, 2013

Time: 14:00-15:30

Organizer: College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, PKU



>> Tao of the University, and the Spirits of PKU

Speaker: Yue Qingping

Venue: Room 102, Classroom Building No. 2

Date: Nov. 1, 2013

Time: 19:00-21:00

Organizer: PKU Youth League Committee


Yue Qingping is professor from the Department of History at PKU, as well as an official of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party



>> Career Planning and Infinity of Human Life

Speaker: Master Sheng Xuan

Venue: Room 102, Classroom Building No. 2

Date: Nov. 2, 2013

Time: 19:00-21:00

Organizer: Guoxue Society


Master Sheng Xuan is a PhD candidate from the Department of Philosophy at PKU, an apprentice of Prof. Lou Yulie.



>> Unforgettable Days with Qian Xuesen

Speaker: Yun Renxiang

Venue: Room 205, Classroom Building No. 2

Date: Nov. 3, 2013

Time: 19:00-21:00

Organizer: School of Marxism


Yun Renxiang, a representative of the Fourth National People's Congress, have participated in the production of atomic and hydrogen bombs and satellites with Qian Xuesen for a long time.



>> Genome engineering of human pluripotent stem cells and mice using site-specific nucleases

Speaker: Haoyi Wang, Ph.D

Venue: Room 411, Building of Life Sciences

Date: Nov. 7, 2013

Time: 15:00-16:00

Organizer: School of Life Sciences


Targeted genetic engineering of mice and human pluripotent stem cells is essential for understanding gene function in development and disease. Come learn more about generic manipulation of human pluripotent stem cells and Y chromosome that adopted the mice using method as well as the manipulations of transcriptional networks using an advanced CRISPR technology.



Written by: Jiang Zhihui

Edited by: Arthars

Source: PKU Lecture Hall