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Let’s do some sports!

Peking University, Oct. 29, 2013: “PKU’s Got Sports Talent” was back! On October 25th, the second Peking University (PKU) Fun Sports Game kicked off and caught much attention.


A long line was waiting for the games


“PKU’s Got Sports Talent” aimed to encourage anyone who was interested in sports yet not good at competitive sports to enjoy the fun of daily exercises. Traditionally, the game worked as a warm-up for the coming PKU Annual Sports Night, so did this year.


Various sports activities, including basketball shooting, boxing, cycling and strength test were all parts of the game. Besides this round on October 25th, three more rounds of different events would be held separately on the coming weekends. There would be points calculated for each round. Top 5 players would get tickets to final round on December 16th, competing on stage at PKU Hall to be the “Sports Talent”.


The game and the coming big Sports Night together have made great contributions to promoting people’s awareness of healthy life styles. To attract more people, both the young and the elderly, each year, PKU invited Olympic champions to participate in the games with all candidates. In the first round, Deng Linlin, the Olympic gymnast champion, joined the bicycle race and shared her experiences in playing sports. This Olympic hero encouraged students on campus to keep a positive attitude in busy life. Just as what the elder participant said, “Everyone can be the Sports Talent!”


The Olmpic champion Deng Linlin showed up


 An elder participant was in the game


There were more than 600 participants, including students, teachers, retired faculties and even tourists taking part in the first round of the game. Participants showed great interest in the activities for the game required no limits and was a lot of fun.


The second round would come up soon on November 2nd, joined by another Olympic champion, which was expected by all.


Written by: Zhang Ruichen
Edited by: Qian Xin

Source: Sina Net
PKU Student Union @Renren