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Peking University Education Foundation holds the council meeting

Peking University,Sep.27, 2013On Sep 13th, the second meeting of Peking University Education Foundation’s Fifth Council was held at Lakeview hotel. Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of Peking University Education Foundation and Wang Enge, President of Peking University attended the meeting.





At the conference, members had a discussion on how to make a breakthrough on fundraising and how to achieve long-term capital growth of the fund under the new circumstances. An agreement was made that, in order to accelerate the process for Peking University towards World-class Universities and gather internal and external strengths to conduct the fundraising more effectively, the Foundation initiated the plan of building a fundraising committee. Meanwhile, the new Investment Committee will be in full charge of the Foundation’s investment decisions.


Facing the new situations and new challenges on money raising, the meeting called upon all the members to unite all the supports for the development of school funding, to explore new funding sources and to further emancipate the mind. On a long run, the advancement of the Foundation to be a leading, world-class university foundation could make contributions to the advancement of the university.


In recent years, school faculties, departments and a great amount of alumni or foundations has made important contributions for the school's development. Zhu Shanlu and Wang Enge, during their speeches, gratefully acknowledged these assistances and supports on behalf of the university.


The meeting approved the ninth installment of Peking University (2013 second batch) funds proportioning plan and revised Peking University Fund Management Regulation. According to the revised regulation, the maximum for departments to apply for financial support rises to 100,000 yuan RMB and the proportioning plan will be the same for alumni and non-alumni donors.


Wang Enge, Director of the Foundation Investment Committee, hosted the committee meeting which focused on how to further improve the Foundation's financial operations afterwards.



Written by: Shi Hui

Edited by: Li Wenrui

Source: PKU News (Chinese)