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Professor He Jingtang lectures at PKU

Peking University, Sep. 25, 2013: Dean of Architectural Design Research Institute, South China University of Technology (SCUT), as well as a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor He Jingtang visited Peking University (PKU) and presented a lecture under the title of “Architectural Design and Innovation.”


Before the lecture, Professor He had an informal discussion with the teachers and students of PKU College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (CALA). Reviewing his life and career engaged with architectural design and research, he summarized the qualities that a qualified architect must be in possession of and encouraged the students of CALA to fulfill their architectural pursuit.


Professor He’s lecture “Architectural Design and Innovation” is the third one in “The Ecological Civilization and Beautiful Land,” a series that PKU hosts to find the experts’ ideas of improving our eco-environment. In his lecture, Professor He pointed out some serious problems in contemporary architectural design under the background of China becoming the largest construction plant. In his view, architects need to focus on both cultural inheritance and technological innovation to achieve harmony between Man and Nature. “Architecture is the crystallization of art and technology. As designers, we must improve the ability of comprehensive thinking, cultivate the innovative spirit, and benefit from constant challenges and self-denial. A successful architect,” he said, “embodies perseverance, diligence, integrity, and good luck.”



Written by: Dui Yanjin

Edited by: Zhao Ning

Source: PKU News (Chinese)