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[2013 PKU International Cultural Festival] “China and World in My Eyes”

Peking University, Oct, 21, 2013: A themed photography exhibition was held on October 19 in Peking University (PKU), as a special session of the 10th PKU International Cultural Festival. Using “China and World in My Eyes” as theme, this year’s photography exhibition managed to catch much attention.


The 10th PKU International Cultural Festival held the same themed photography competition several months ago, calling for students both from home and abroad to take part in the competition and share the pictures they took which were qualified for the theme. After months’ selection, 13 winning photos were finally picked as the exhibits for this exhibition.


Students were admiring the photos


Those 13 student photographers are all from different countries: China, Korea, Chile, Spain, etc. Their works, no matter featured by person or landscape, had all exquisitely expressed the theme from different perspectives.


Chile student’s work: Friendship


A piece of work named “Friendship” (see above), done by a Chile student, managed to capture the moment when several students were giving each other “high-fives” after a badminton competition. “To us international students, PKU means a part of our academic life. More than that, the university also provides us with much more meaningful experiences, such as, gaining friendship. By sharing different culture, we are able to learn how to be tolerant and open-minded, which is also one kind of solid foundation of world peace.” The photographer wrote down his thoughts under his work.


Korean photographer朴南巡and her work: Wishes


Luckily, the author of another winning picture “Wishes” was found on the scene. Korean student 朴南巡took this photo of a Kazakh nomadic family near the highway to Tianshan Mountain when she was on a trip to Xinjiang Province. She was deeply impressed by the family’s friendliness and kindness. So when she came back, she named her work “Wishes” to express her best wishes to this family. She told the reporter in fluent Chinese that she loved Chinese culture very much and she now was working on relative research in ancient Chinese culture.


Written by: Zhang Chao
Edited by: Qian Xin