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Beida Bulletin (Sept. 24, 2013)

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Beida Bulletin (formerly named Peking University News Bulletin) Vol. 2, No. 3 released on September 24, 2013. Selected news, events, and updates from PKU (Beida), China's top higher education institution.



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Peking University News




Beida Bulletin

(Vol. 2, No. 3)


Sept. 24, 2013
Archives of the  Bulletin


Top Stories

Zhu Shanlu initiates the first class for Beida freshmen

“What Beida people pursue is not our personal interest, but the cause of justice. We are to create a better life for people all over the world,” said the Council Chairman, elaborating the Beida version of the "Chinese Dream."


Commencement Days 2013

It's a bitter sweet farewell, it's a life-long memorable departure, it's the most special day composing smiles and tears in the summer of the year -- it's the setting sail of a fully new generation, it's the commencement day of 2013.


Somatic reprogramming? -- a fancy approach

Science Express : Prof. Deng Hongkui's research group has worked their magic on mammalian somatic cells to make them pluripotent (somehow "generative") -- good news for pharm industries.



Chemist Gao Song: Leading a life "from nothing to something"

Affected by his father's role model, Gao, the youngest Beida member of the CAS, goes through trials and hardship, and has devoted his life to scientific research & teaching at CCME since 1981. 


Chen Shiyi: A life of turbulence

"China’s turbulence research needs talents, and I think you are the most suitable person. Come back, the motherland needs you," wrote Zhou Peiyuan. And Chen could almost remember every word of this letter. 



Qin Chunhua: What are Beida's admission requirements?

"Apart from the grades of the College Entrance Exam as the intellectual requirement, another four non-intellectual factors should be counted as Beida admission requirements," said the undergraduate admissions chief.


Admissions officer details Beida enrollment, training policy

An admissions officer at Beida talked about the admission policy, internationalized training system, graduate employment, subsidizing policy, and open courses at the university, Xinhua Education reported.


Why not choose LIFE SCIENCES?

"Chinese young people with ideals, dreams and ambitions would be warmly welcomed to the field," Rao Yi, dean of Beida School of Life Sciences sent his invitations to potential applicants via hundreds of parents.



Going global with Beida -- and with us


PEKING UNIVERSITY NEWS (BEIDA NEWS) has openings in the 2013 autumn semester for Beida students with the pursuit of good journalism. You can also log on to our BBSsection for more info.

Please apply to join us by filling the APPLICATION FORM .





European studies at Beida - new course available

The European University Centre, together with the School of Government and the Centre for European Studies at Beida, organizes the fourth edition of its course on European Studies.







Legend of Beida security guards and their Beida dreams

What made "Beida bao'an" -- or security guards at this university -- more special was that during the past 20 years, over 500 of them have been admitted to higher education institutions.






Campus & Community

Monitors in classroom, on campus

The university has installed surveillance system in all classrooms during the upcoming summer vacation to better control thefts, according to the Beida Security Department.






Comrades in dorms

The per capita living space in dormitories for Beida undergraduates is "only 3.1 square meters," but "living in a place not that comfortable could make students more adaptable when they experience rise and down in their future life."






Sci & Tech

Hybrid organ embedded into Beida for transient nuclei snapshots

Nuclear physicists from both China and the US gathered at Beida, congratulating on the birth of a new research entity in their area.






Culture & Society

Mayer-Kuckuk speaks on international journalism today

"Media in general, especially Western media that are commercially driven, are not reporting in a fair and balanced way on anything," said a China correspondent with the German equivalent of The Wall Street Journal or Financial Times.






More women's leadership needed

"More women are needed in leadership around the world," and "this is an important moment for Wellesley, for Beida, for women leaders all over the world," said president of Wellesley College.







First Beida Squash Open attracts a squash


Beida Gymnasium bore witness to the first Beida Squash Open ever in history -- also the first formal squash tournament that Beida Squash Association has organized since its establishment this March.






Beida chess player acts as giant killer

Wang Hao, a junior from Beida, became the tormentor-in-chief of the world's best two across chess board.












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