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Beida opens her arms to newcomers

Peking University, Sep.1: When the beautiful autumn is around the corner like every year before, a batch of new and young students will appear at Peking University. They come here with parents, luggage, as well as joy and hope.


This year, on August 31st, 8122 new students, consisting of 3193 undergraduates, 3231 postgraduates and 1698 doctoral candidates, will check in and become members of Beida family.


Surprise from colleges


Colleges adopted many imaginative and heartwarming ways to welcome their new members.


School of Journalism and Communication took pictures and shot videos to collect the precious memory for fresh students. Everyone could take a souvenir photo and share their feelings in front of a camera after registration. A group of older students from School of Physics served as “moving consultations”. They shuttled back and forth on the campus to guide and help freshmen. More than that, a lot of schools handed out their self-designed postcards and bookmarks to the new comers.


Warmth from administrative offices


Apart from colleges, related departments and offices also did their best to provide service and help.


The Green Channel has been extended further compared with last year. This is not merely a place for students in need to get the traditional “love gift bags”. With the support of sponsors, Office of Student Financial Aid bought laptops this year to assist the poor students with their studies.


Weiming BBS, the biggest campus network platform, as President Wang Enge said, would be transmitting more “positive energy” this year. And for the future development of the young students, Student Career Center has advised students to make future plans as early as possible.


Enthusiasm from foreigners


As a world-class university in China, Peking University not only attracted lots of outstanding Chinese students, but also recruited almost 1500 foreign students this year. These students are from 92 countries and going to start their campus lives within about 30 colleges. According to the Office of International Relations, twelve doctoral candidates enrolled in the natural science sectors this year and they will be taught separately in English.


Reported by: Chen Chuke

Edited by: Li Wenrui