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Opening Ceremony for 4th Term of PKU Populace School Held

Peking University. Beijing. 11th March, 2009: On the afternoon of 6th March, Peking University populace school held its four term’s opening ceremony.  Attendants of this event included: Peking University’s vice principal, Peking University populace school’s principal Yue Sulan, executive vice chairman of the board, executive vice chairman of Peking University populace school Sun Li.  Deputy chairman of the board, Peking University populace school vice president Chi Cunxia, Secretary of the school committee, Peking University populace school’s vice president Han Liu, vice secretary for the committee, Peking University populace school vice president Liu Baoquan etc. Deputy chairman of the board Chi Cunxia hosted the opening ceremony.


       Following 284 students that received education from the former three terms of populace school, another 102 students stepped in the fourth term of the school for training in career values as well as basic skills in the following three months to provide them a solid foundation for their careers.  Students can not only enjoy Peking University’s top educational resources, they also have access to internationally innovative educational concepts and techniques.


       At the opening ceremony, populace school office’s executive vice director Bao Wei introduced the curriculum.  According to Bao, in order to satisfy the needs of the new period, alongside the career values course, English and computer courses have been added, as well as extra-curricular activities.  Populace school’s classes are primarily undertaken by teachers and student volunteers. For those who are financially less well off yet have demand for vocational training, the school provides training and services for free.


       In regards to PKU populace school’s curriculum, the newcomers have high hopes and great anticipation.  Zhao Leilei, student representative in the pediatrics medical department says that being enrolled by Peking University was a dream beyond her expectation, yet now the most unrealistic dream has come true and for that she is forever grateful.  Student volunteers feel that they’ve received much from the experience.  One volunteer, Huang Ye says that in order to successfully become a volunteer, one must learn various methods of communication as well as a full comprehension of the philosophy of happiness based on helping others.  As “Iron sharpens iron” is the foundation of this program, it has brought both givers and receivers joy, knowledge, and friendship.


       Teacher representative from the School of Education Shang Junjie introduced three principles to the students: vision, responsibility and passion.  He encouraged the students to dream big, meanwhile walking the talk to turn a profession into a career.


       Qiu Sulan recalled the early days of this program. She pointed out the havoc this financial crisis has brought about the employment market, serving those outside of the typical academic background is a priceless opportunity to show that “Education has no bounds.” She hopes the students “dream far, and never forget today’s efforts!”


      The populace school originated from the “Night Club” established by Cai Yuanpei, former president of Peking University, followed by the “Populace School” and “Populace Educational Group” built up by Deng Zhongxia, Liao Shucang and some other PKU students under the guidance and support of Mr. Cai. About eighty years later, Peking University reinstated the populace school in order to involve more people in the passing of knowledge, helping more people understand the university culture, promoting a balanced and healthy development of society.


Translation by: Yun-Hsien Chang

Edited by: Cai Ying

Source: Beida News (Chinese)