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2009 Graduates Job Fair Held on Campus

Peking University. Beijing, March 10, 2009: On March 5th, the 2009 Graduates Job Fair was held in May Fourth Memorial Sports Center at PKU. It attracted over 8,000 graduates, nearly 180 companies and organizations, and offered almost 1,000 positions.


The fair is highly valued by the University and a security team was organized in order to assure the protection and success of the fair. Before the opening of the fair, Zhang Yan, Vice Secretary of the University Council led the heads of related departments to inspect the preparation and talked with the students and the companies about the employment situation.


In order to answer those most frequently asked questions by graduates and update the related information, PKU Employment Services Center published related information about the exhibitors on its official website and the student forum to prepare the graduates for the fair. Also, the Center designed a questionnaire to collect the employment data of the graduates and compare it with the statistics of years before.


The fair was divided into six exhibition areas, covering various fields such as the IT industry, the finance industry, the energy industry, the journalism and publication industry, the education industry and so on.


Under the circumstances of economic crisis, most of the graduates became more rational in their job-hunting. Some students expressed their willingness to work at grassroots level to avoid the fierce competition in big cities; while some considered more about the self-improvement in the long run than the salary provided for now.


The employers suggested that students should have their own career plan before they entered the job market, and develop their abilities accordingly. They also said that the innovation ability, ability of learning, the ability of self-adjustment and the ability to communicate with others are important in job interviews.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: LIN Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)