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Fancy experiments unveil centennial celebrations of physics

Peking University, April 13, 2013: Huge bubbles blown out of soapy water added with surfactant, a cone rolling upwards all by itself, a small magnetically levitated train, mini generators — these interesting demonstration experiments brought people into the wonderland of physics in the first event of PKU’s physics culture festival.


The Department of Physics exhibited miscellaneous classical experiments in the square in front of PKU Hall on April 9 as a kick-off of the physics culture festival to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of physics discipline at PKU in 1913. These demonstration experiments, covering various branches of physics including mechanics, thermology, electricity and astronomy, were meant to help students of all majors better understand the rudiments and the beauty of physics by exposing them to strange but fascinating physics phenomena.



Students passing by were intrigued and many couldn’t wait to conduct the experiments themselves. Volunteers from the Department of Physics patiently answered all kinds of questions to explain the principles of the experiments and carefully guided participants to operate. They also distributed specially designed souvenirs to attract more attention. Many participants said that they were inspired to explore more of the physics world and expressed their best wishes for the centennial celebrations of physics. 


A series of activities of the physics cultural festival are to follow, including dialogues between professors and students about the history of physics at PKU and other forums, to publicize the knowledge of physics and showcase the zeitgeist of physics people at PKU.



Written by: Wang Jingwei
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)