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President Zhou Inspects Colleges under PKU

Peking University, Beijing, March 6th, 2009: Peking University President Zhou Qifeng went to visit and inspect School of Life Sciences, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, School of Mathematical Sciences, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering and College of Engineering, accompanied by executive Vice President Lin Jianhua, Vice President Ju Chuanjin, Assistant Vice-Chancellor Li Xiaoming and Li Qiang, as well as officers from PKU Party Committee Office, PKU Office, Administrative Department, Scientific Research Department, Graduate School, "985 Project" Office, Ministry of Personnel, Finance Department, Department of Real Estate Management and other related functional departments.


President Zhou listened to reports about the colleges and discussed with college leaders, key lab directors and academic leaders about teaching, research work, disciplinary development, faculty, personnel training and management of the colleges. Officers from the University and related functional departments replied to questions and suggestions from colleges.


President Zhou indicated that PKU was in a critical period of development. "Building a world-class university" is not only the goal for the development of PKU itself, but also a historical responsibility given by the Party and the country to PKU. Thus PKU must seize the opportunity to be united and do a good job in all fields of work. He said that PKU couldn’t develop without the support and contributions of the colleges. All the functional departments of PKU should further strengthen the sense of service and actively assist colleges to solve practical problems in their development. More work would be done to further protect the autonomy of colleges for their development. He also asked the colleges to improve management, innovate the systems and mechanisms, and promote the development of disciplines and talents training. He put forward some specific requirements for teaching, researching, student employment after graduation and financing of the colleges and further stressed that academic researches should pay more attention to the needs of national development, both for the present and the future, and actively encourage and guide the teachers and researchers to combine personal interests, personal expertise with the needs of the country, and integrate the process of scientific researches with talents training so as to make a greater contribution to the development of PKU, Beijing, and China.


As the activities of learning and practicing the Scientific Concept of Development goes on, President Zhou will inspect more colleges.


Edited By : Seren

Translated By : Chen Zhenxia

Source : PKU News (Chinese)