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Paper cuts pass love on

Peking University, May 7, 2013: Plants, animals, landscapes… Delicately shaped Chinese paper cuts in red were for sale in the Triangle Area on PKU campus to raise money as scholarship for students in need at a middle school in Hebei Province, which was the Alma Mater of the event initiator.


The bazaar lasted two days starting from May 4. It was the fourth time such an event had been held by Love Heart Society, and each time it was a success.



The paper cuts were provided by Hebei artists Wang Xiulian and Wang Jianping at cost price and then were sold between 10 to 30 RMB. Some framed upscale and higher priced paper cuts were also prepared for the school staff. The buyer would receive a certificate of love indicating the amount of the money and its intended use.


The way of raising money through paper cuts was well accepted among teachers and students. Li Ran, a sophomore from the Department of Finance, School of Economics said: “The paper cuts bazaar is a new and good approach. It feels more meaningful than just asking people to donate money. The paper cuts not only bear beauty and memory but also pass on the love of both the artists and the buyers, which connects both to the common good cause.”


Up till the morning of May 5, more than 6,000 RMB had been collected through the participation of students, staff and alumni who happened to be on campus for the 115th Anniversary of PKU.




Written by: Chen Runxi
Edited by: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)