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A global tour on campus

Peking University, Apr. 24, 2013: “Britain Stand, thank you for your attention!” It was a voice from one of the themed stands of the two-day event “Peking University Global Tour”, which immediately attracted a crowd of participants upon its initiation on April 17.


Hosted by the School of International Studies (SIS), the event set up twelve themed stands scattered around the campus, exhibiting cultures of twelve different countries–the US, the UK, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the DPRK, Brazil, India, Egypt and Australia. The aim of the activity was to open a window to foreign cultures for all PKUers and strengthen the community among SIS students.


The Britain stand presented brochures provided by the Embassy, key rings and other delicate souvenirs with British elements such as the figure of Sherlock Holmes. Students who gave right answers to three questions related to the UK could get a free souvenir away. A freshman got a prize after answering: Who is the author of Pride and Prejudice? What is the portmanteau of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge? Who is the painter of Admonitions Scroll collected in the British Museum?


At the Italy stand, many students took pictures behind a face-hollowed Mona Lisa with their faces projecting out of the hole. At the Brazil stand, two samba dancers were giving a thrilling performance, meanwhile inviting and teaching students to dance. The Global Tour also provided opportunities for “tourists” to try on traditional Indian costumes, appreciate fine Australian stamps, and enjoy flavorful local foods from Korea, Italy and Russia.


The organizer prepared special cultural maps with the 12 countries on them. If participants could collect all 12 marks stamped by staff at the stands, a big surprise would await them at the opening ceremony of the 12th Students’ Cultural Festival of SIS on April 21.


Efforts made for the Global Tour


4000 cultural maps, over 4000 participants, more than 30 days’ preparation, and involvement of all 6 departments and 50 staff members of the SIS Student Union were involved in the Global Tour.


“All the members of the Student Union have taken part in the preparation of the Global Tour since March,” said Wang Wanlu, president of the SIS Student Union. “The preparation work included choosing the locations, preparing the prizes and recruiting volunteers”, Wang attributed the success of the activity to the joint effort of all the staff and volunteers. “Everyone has contributed a lot to the Global Tour and indeed, the success and positive reaction of our co-students were worth our efforts.”



Written by: Chan Pong

Edited by: Xu Xinyi, Zhang Jiang

Source: PKU Youth