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Let’s enjoy squash together at PKU!

Peking University, Mar. 27, 2013: A brand new student society, the PKU Squash Association, was started at the beginning of this term. This long-expected association is reported to be the first university squash association on the Chinese mainland.


“Welcome to the Squash Association!” and “Have sports regardless of the weather!” are the slogans of the PKU Squash Association. On March 13, a squash fete was held at The Triangle to recruit new members. Squash balls and rackets were on display, warmly welcoming visitors to experience the sport for themselves.


Recruiting new members


Lasting for about 6 hours, the activity brought about a striking effect. Throughout the day, many excited students waiting in a long line for their chance to experience this unfamiliar sport. More than 150 students joined the association by the end of the day.


Zhou Zhao, leader of the PKU Squash Association, expressed his determination that the association would serve his fellow students and promote the popularity of squash on campus. The association has planned daily activities, such as morning exercises and skill training. These skills will be put to the test in upcoming internal and intercollegiate competitions.


Skill training


He Zhongkai, a teacher from the Department of Physical Education and a veteran of campus society management is now director of the PKU Squash Association.


PKU provides its students with several squash courts in the PKU Gymnasium and Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Students interested in joining the PKU Squash Association are welcomed to contact the organizers for more information.


Reach the Association:

Weibo: weibo.com/pkusquash

Renren: www.renren.com/601581386


Background Info:

Squash, originated in Britain and developed in Europe, is a racquet sport played by two (singles) or four players (doubles) in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. In 2003, Forbes rated squash as the number one healthiest sport to play. An effort is underway to qualify squash as an event in the 2020 Olympic Games.


Written by: Meng Yiran
Edited by: Xu Xinyi

Source: PKU News (Chinese)