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[Video] Beckholic at Beida

Peking University, Mar. 27, 2013: “It’s about 15 hours I waited in line for the ticket and the seat. It’s about 15 years I have been your diehard fan. May I have your 15 seconds for just one signature?” Cao Guanhai, a sophomore from the PKU (Beida) College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering (CCME) was holding an iPad with these words.


Cao had to wait another couple of minutes at the PKU Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center, where his fellow students, in the crowd, were wearing Manchester United uniforms, holding banners with “Red 7,” and waving autobiographies - of David Beckham.



The 37-year-old British footballer met PKU students on March 24, the last day of his 5-day China trip, being late for the traffic jam in the weekend morning.


“I'm very excited to be here. I feel that this country has so much potential and there’re so many youngsters that so much talented in the football world, and I want to be part of this,” Beckham opened his lecture, which the Daily Mail described as “best ever.”


“I believe that the future is very bright. I believe that I can have a positive, good influence on children on the cause of football. And I’m very excited to be here at this university: this university has so much passion and so much history.”


When asked if this trip is different from previous ones, he said: “It’s very different. Because when I visited China before, I was always been with a football team. And all I do is go to a hotel, to the stadium, then to the airport. While at this trip, I’ve been able to visit three different cities, meet so many different people, so many different fans.


“I’m going to spend more time with China; I get to meet more of the friends in China who I’ve met before, so it’s very exciting,” said Beckham. 


Beckham tries Chinese calligraphy




Beckham learns Guzheng, plays first 8 notes of Yanyuanqing (Photo/Getty Images; Video/Youku)


The PKU Student Union, which organized the event, provided the guest with a taste of Chinese culture: chess, calligraphy, painting, and Guzheng. Standing as close to the Guzheng as to Beckham, a student instructed the lecturer to play the traditional musical instrument. Beckham strummed, immediately followed by piercing screams from the audience - and more piercing when he hugged his teacher. 


When the Q&A session was to begin, fans waved banners, books or even stood on the chairs to grab Beckham for one opportunity.


A student in AIG Manchester United T-shirt was chosen and asked about the possible way to get people around him into playing football.


The Paris Saint-Germain star replied: “Football is, say, the most interesting and most famous sport in the world. So, football is a sport where everybody can be involved…it is one of these sports that bring people together. I’ve notice that when I traveled all around the world, there’s no sport that brings people together like football, wherever, it’s in a good way…”


Beckham continued with his experience of the power of football, “I’ve been around the world where there have been natural disasters, where there have been these things happen throughout their world. And for those 90-minute football games, people forget what’s going on in their lives, in the world. They don’t forget it, but it takes minds off those bad things happening. And that’s the power of football.” 


When asked about his opinion on women taking part in football, he said: “Women’s football... I am a big supporter; I always have been, and I’ll continue to be. Because, when I lived in the America, the women’s football is very pop there, and they’re very talented. So, I’m a big fan of women’s football. I think there’re lots of talented young ladies in this field.”


A student with Beckham's autobiography in her hand raised a question about the Chinese-character tattoo on his torso.“What does it mean and why you chose those words? Can you share something with us about the story behind the tattoo?”


Beckham stopped for a little while and replied, “Actually it’s always been one of the tattoos I’ve always kept private. People always ask me what it means. Maybe I can show you, and then you can tell people.” 


The crowed shrilled and Beckham continued: “Because I know what it means. And every tattoo I have on me is meaningful… So I can show you…” Beckham put off his suit and lifted up his shirt.


The eight Chinese characters read: “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven.” 


Video via Sina


Beckham shows a "flash of flesh"


But before the audience and the host could - or would - identify all of them, Beckham’s voice was submerged in screams - and roars.


“You didn’t expect that? We didn’t either!” said the host.


The meeting was condensed to less than half an hour due to the delay. After the Q&A session, Beckham was quick to say goodbye to his fans and stepped out of the hall.


“Every time I visited China, I found amazing about people. I’ve never get so, you know; it is something you never get used to,” said Beckham earlier at the meeting.



Reported by: Chen Runxi and Guo Caichen
Edited by: Jacques